Wonders of beehive products

Beehive products have long been recognized for its natural and healing powers. Since ancient times, men have sought and harvested the precious honeycomb for it has been referred to as the true fountain of youth. Beehive products are a source of healing due to its highly nutritious content and medicinal properties be it honey, royal jelly, bee pollen or propolis.

The honeybee itself is considered as Mother Nature’s miracle worker. In order to produce a regular jam jar of honey, honeybees have to collectively travel 25000 trips from their hive, chalk up 88000km travel distance and buzz up two million flowers to gather the much needed nectar.

Albert Einstein is often quoted to have said “If the bee disappears from the
surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.”

All beehive products have been found to be full of goodness. They contain many nutrients required to sustain and support life. Bee pollen is known as nature’s most complete source of nutrients whereby it energizes and invigorates. Royal jelly rejuvenates and heals. Propolis protects and regenerates. Lastly honey nourishes and preserves. This is precisely what beehive products offer us.