About Us

Established in October 1997, we are a Malaysian company supplying variety of wild bee products, farm bee products and miscellaneous health food products from a packaging plant in Bercham, Ipoh. The plant currently produces three grades of filtered but unprocessed honey and other beehive products such as Fresh Wild Bee Pollen, Tea Pollen, Hi-grade Fresh Royal Jelly, Propolis and Wild Propolis Honey. We also supply Ginseng powder as part of our products too. All our honey products are unprocessed (only filtered): they do not undergo any form of heat treatment and no preservatives or additives are added. Our aim is to bring the natural goodness of wild bee honey in its own purest form to consumers. We currently market our products under the brands Nature and Vitagold.

Our products are very special and distinctive. They are harvested fresh from WILD BEE honeycombs obtained from the Malaysian TROPICAL rainforest. The Malaysian tropical rainforest covers over 70% of the country and is home to 20,000 types of flora in a clean, pristine, and unpolluted environment. The tropical rainforest is also the primary source of plants used as remedies and cures for both traditional and modern medicine.

Honey and hive products (bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis) experts note that while honey and hive products obtained from the WILD IS THE BEST, the supply is limited and is difficult to obtain. To compare Wild Bee Honey vs Commercial Honey is almost like comparing Wild Ginseng vs Cultivated Ginseng, or Free-range-Poultry vs Mega-farms-Poultry, or Organic Vegetables vs Commercial Farm Vegetables. The global production of commercial honey is in the region of a few hundred thousand tonnes per year. Wild Bee Products are so difficult to obtain that there is no mass market for it. Generally, only jungle natives (aborigines) have access to Wild Bee Products.

We have a dedicated team of Orang Asli (native aborigine) gatherers that explore deep into the jungle to harvest wild honey and wild bee pollen for us. Thus we are able to bring these previously unobtainable health food to the general consumer.