Our honey and beehive products range:


Nature Royal Gold Honey 700ML (RG-700)


• Nature Pure Live Honey
• Nature Premium Royal Honey – Royal Gold
• Nature Premium Royal Honey – Royal Black
• Nature Wild Propolis Honey


Nature Wild Bee Pollen with Honey 220g (BP-220)

Bee Pollen
• Nature Wild Bee Pollen
• Vitagold Tea Flower Bee Pollen


Vitagold 10 HDA Royal Jelly 180G (RJ-180)Royal Jelly
• Vitagold Hi-Grade 10-HDA Fresh Royal Jelly



Vitagold HAE30 PropolisPropolis
• Vitagold HAE30 Propolis ( 30ml & 10ml )



Vitagold Ginseng Powder 100G (GS-100)Ginseng
• Vitagold Six-Year-Old Ginseng Powder