Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is one of the nature’s best kept secrets. It is the only food of the queen bee. Royal Jelly can be described as a creamy, milky, opalescent white liquid. It is this remarkable royal jelly which transforms a common honeybee into a queen bee, extending its longevity from six weeks to five years. Royal Jelly has the ability to enhance both physical and mental performance. In summary, Royal Jelly promotes longevity by helping to maintain health, beauty and youth. It is a potent, highly nutritional and natural food.

Royal Jelly is rich in proteins, B-complex vitamins, enzymes and natural hormones, amino acids and vitamins. There are also other valuable ingredients such as:

  1. 10-HDA (10-Hydroxy Decenoic Acid) which is known to curb or retard the growth of cancerous tumours. Only royal jelly contains this unique substance.
  2. Insulin- like Peptides which benefits diabetic patients.
  3. Collagen substance which normalize the elasticity of muscles. A potent anti-aging compound that helps to keep our skin looking youthful while supporting our organs, glands and muscular systems.
  4. Acetylcholine substance which is essential for the proper transmission of nerve impulses and maintaining the proper functioning of the liver.
  5. Parotein is a substance that revitalizes body cells by rejuvenating them and is believed to slow down the aging process.

Royal Jelly acts as rejuvenator, hormonal stimulant, energy enhancer, natural antidepressant, weight and cholesterol controller and lastly helps to strengthen one’s health.

Caution Note: While rare, royal jelly may cause allergic reactions.


Vitagold Hi-Grade 10-HDA Fresh Royal Jelly 180G (RJ-180)

Vitagold Hi-Grade 10-HDA Fresh Royal Jelly 180G

Vitagold Fresh Royal Jelly contains minimum 2% 10-HDA substance. Fresh Royal Jelly is the amazing and only food of queen bees. The queen bee is 1.5 times larger and lives 35 times longer than an ordinary bee. It also lays some 2000 plus eggs daily. Royal Jelly works to preserve health and to sustain and extend life.